Radios for Africa Campaign: Above and Beyond!

Radios for Africa
A view of Radios for Africa from the video control room at Heartfelt Radio

Heartfelt Radio’s campaign with Trans World Radio (TWR) had a simple goal:

“We wanted to get as many wind-up radios to Africa as we possibly could.” Heartfelt Radio General Manager Mark Channon said.

And with that goal came expectations:

Andy Napier, host of TWR’s Footsteps program felt optimistic. “I was hoping we could raise 120-125 radios.”

“I thought we had the opportunity to raise 150.” said John Summerville, TWR’s Director of Development Representation.

The final total for the campaign: 391 radios.

It appears that the Holy Spirit, and Heartfelt Radio’s listeners had their own ideas about what was possible.

“Amazing!” said Andy Napier.

“I can’t tell you how thankful we are.” said John Summerville.

“Our listeners embraced Radios for Africa from the very first hour of the campaign.” Mark Channon said. “And then, every day after, the number went higher and higher.”

At the end of the “on air” portion of the campaign, the total stood at 263 radios. Then – overnight – a gift to purchase 12 more arrived.

And the gifts just kept on coming… day after day.

Mornings with Mark & Gabe host Mark Zimmerman smiled, “We all limit the Lord sometimes. This time, He saw a willing people, and a worthy project. Someday in Heaven, I think we’re all going to meet an African brother or sister who will have received one of these radios… I can’t wait!”

The radios raised in this Heartfelt Radio/TWR campaign are scheduled to be distributed to believers and their families in Africa during the spring of 2022.

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