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New Program!

Equipping The Saints with Pastor Greg Lundstedt

Weeknights at 8:06pm

Heartfelt Radio continues to expand its programming lineup in 2024! Stay tuned to WKJA weeknights at 8:06 for Equipping The Saints with Pastor Greg Lundstedt. Greg is the Sr. Pastor of Equipping Bible Church in Reidville, South Carolina. He's taught God's Word, verse-by-verse, from the pulpit for over 20 years. Equipping The Saints radio started in 2006 and can now be heard exclusively in Northeast Ohio on Heartfelt Radio!

The Helios Projects: UPDATE!

It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but makes a HUGE impact! Each Helios unit contains over 470 biblical and doctrinal lessons from Dr. Woodrow Kroll for untrained pastors to hear in their own language. The goal during the Heartfelt Radio Helios Projects campaign in April was to raise enough money to train 300 untrained pastors in Kenya and South Sudan. Thanks to the generous giving of Heartfelt Radio listeners, those 300 pastors will each receive a Helios unit and so will more than 100 others in a Latin American country!
Pastor Joseph Wanyama is all smiles as he opened a box containing 60 Helios units to distribute to pastors he knows in Africa.
Pastor Kennedy was in North Carolina where he visited with Timothy and Lisa Kroll. Tim is the President of Woodrow Kroll Ministries. Pastor Kennedy is also involved in distributing Helios units to pastors in his area of Africa!
All 400+ pastors can now dig into the Word of God like never before in order to train their congregations! Then, the people in those churches can share their faith more effectively with their community because of the generosity of Heartfelt Radio listeners who gave to the Helios Projects!
Thanks for making a HUGE impact in the lives of so many!

July Update: More pastors in Kenya and Nairobi receive Helios audio players!

They had prayed for biblical training, and God used you to help answer those pastors prayers! Each Helios audio player provides hundreds of doctrinal lessons and biblical teachings from Dr. Woodrow Kroll in their own languages. Thank you, again, for giving to the Lord's work and helping these church pastors a half a world away!


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"Dear Heartfelt Radio: We are very excited about Heartfelt Radio! We love the wide variety of music and I cannot tell you how many times someone in my family says, “Wow, I haven’t heard that one in a while”…When I listen to Heartfelt Radio, I know you get it…Thank you for meeting the needs of the whole church family."


"Just gotta tell you - I've listened off and on today (when I could) - and I LOVE the station! So good to have Mark Zimmerman back and a variety of music and programming. I'm praying that this station grows and grows and reaches MANY people for Christ, and helps current believers grow in their faith. What a blessing!! I will be supporting the station."


"So thankful to know you are broadcasting in our Dalton/Massillon area and I will share the good news."


“Thank you.  I am a recent widow.  Nights are long and I get up early.  The music is a balm to my soul.  God is using you.  I am sure others would say the same”.

"So thankful for my school bus driving co-worker that let me know about your step of faith in this endeavor.  My wife and I are truly blessed by your station. "


"Just found your station this AM per Facebook post from a friend! What a treat to listen already this morning! Praising God for your ministry, praying how we can support HEARTFELT RADIO."


"I recently found your radio station by an advertisement on a billboard. It is great to hear some old voices! I appreciate your mix in praise! Some praise by song and some by sermon. Also enjoy your mix in the songs. Some old some new and a variety of styles! Thanks!"


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