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“Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches.”
~ Galatians 6:6 ~

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Special Year-End Offer From Heartfelt Radio

The Merrills CD - NOW I SEE: Hymn Meditations Past & Present

For a gift of any size to Heartfelt Radio by the end of 2023, you will receive a copy of The Merrills' recording, NOW I SEE: Hymn Mediations Past & Present. There are 10 selections on the CD with fresh arrangements of inspirational music designed to glorify God. Be blessed by their beautiful, God-honoring music at home or in your car by getting a copy of the Merrills CD from WKJA. Request the recording online by clicking the DONATE NOW button at the top of this page. Be sure to enter "NOW I SEE" in the "Note" section so we know you would like The Merrills' CD. You may also donate through the mail and make your request for the CD that way. Make your check payable to Heartfelt Radio, and send to: Heartfelt Radio, PO Box 442, Barberton, OH 44203. Please write "NOW I SEE" on the memo line.
Please remember, this special offer will expire on December 31, 2023, so don't delay!
Thank you for your prayerful and financial support of Heartfelt Radio!

We rely upon the Lord to motivate listeners like you to support Heartfelt Radio prayerfully and financially. We could really use your help during the 2023 Harvest Time season of giving. We’re asking the Lord to provide at least $75,000 during Harvest Time, plus provide 100 first-time donors who will begin supporting the ministry of WKJA.

We’re so grateful that Guidelines International Ministries has generously provided 100 copies of Dr. Harold Sala’s book, Making Your Emotions Work For You. Learn how to cope with stress, avoid burnout, overcome fear, and more with help from Dr. Harold Sala.

Donate now safely and securely through our online giving portal on heartfeltradio.org.  Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else.

Please help WKJA reach its 2023 Harvest Time goals!  Donate today so Heartfelt Radio can continue to share the lifechanging Gospel message with people in our community who so desperately need it!


Heartfelt Radio 2023 Special Christmas Programming

In addition to the wide assortment of Christmas music you'll hear on WKJA this December, we're pleased to bring you special Christmas programming for every member of the family. You'll hear the Adventures In Odyssey Christmas Marathon - six back-to-back programs spanning three hours! Dave Zanotti and his team from The Public Square take us back almost 100 years to look at what Christmas was like in America. The Robertson clan from Duck Dynasty will share their favorite family Christmas memories. Ron Hutchcraft will have some Christmas Treasures to share each day leading up to Christmas Day, and Carter Conlon will help us through some of the turbulence we're feeling this season. Click here to see the full details and print copies to share with your family, friends, and church!


Why The Nativity?

Turning Point | David Jeremiah
1hr 23min feature film
Click the image to start the film

Every year, millions of people around the globe celebrate Christmas. But what does it all mean? Do we really understand the profound importance and authenticity of the birth of Jesus? Why the virgin Mary? Why a carpenter named Joseph? Why poor shepherds and wealthy kings clamoring to worship a Newborn King? And why are the Old Testament prophecies that predicted the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem so important to the Christmas story? Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, noted pastor, author, and theologian Dr. David Jeremiah provides answers to some of the most thought-provoking questions surrounding the most pivotal moment in human history-the birth of Jesus Christ. Travel back in time and experience the sights and sounds of that first Christmas. You'll have a front row seat to the nativity story as you witness the Old Testament prophets foretelling the birth of Jesus, Gabriel appearing to Mary, Joseph and Mary traveling the road to the crowded city of Bethlehem, angels appearing to shepherds, the brilliant star guiding the Wisemen from the East, and on to Bethlehem where we discover the humble stable where we find Baby Jesus lying in a manger. Why the Nativity? is a fascinating presentation of biblical history with stunning visual dramatics creating an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Christmas!

Lessons from Grief

On April 19th, Dr. Cary Duckett from Grace Bible Church in New Franklin joined Mark & Gabe for another Wednesday morning Bible study.

His topic was "Lessons from Grief". Since then, several listeners have requested to hear the study again. Click the play button to hear this 45-minute discussion as you follow along through Pastor Cary's outline.

The Truth About Grief
1. Grief is a choice.
2. Grief is healthy (John 11.33-36)
3. God grieves with us. (Psalm 34.18)
4. Grief is healed in community. (Galatians 6.2)
5. Grief is a form of worship. (Psalm 51.17)
6. Grief is a journey, not a destination. (Psalm 23.4)

How to Walk Through Grief
1. Identify what has been lost and receive comfort. (Matthew 5.4)
2. Learn to lament. (2 Corinthians 1.3-4)
There are nearly SIXTY Psalms of lament!

radio mic

Now hiring! Afternoon Drive Host for Heartfelt Radio!

Heartfelt Radio is on the move and looking for its next afternoon drive host! The host must be an experienced, engaging broadcaster capable of building our audience. The full time job also has a lot of production responsibilities, and helps at events. Come join a growing radio ministry that is reaching Northeast Ohio for Christ! Pleasant working environment, modern studios, and offices and generous benefits! Click to read the full job description.

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Heartfelt Radio listeners!

Click on the button to receive three free copies of Dr. Stephen Davey’s Heart to Heart monthly magazine.


Heartfelt Radio weekday weather forecasts from Fox 8 Meteorologist André Bernier are sponsored by Hawkins Sales, proud to help underwrite the ministry outreach of WKJA. Heartfelt Radio is most grateful for the support it receives from Hawkins Sales.

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The mission of Heartfelt Radio

Is to make Jesus Christ known—through broadcast and multimedia—to the northeast Ohio community and beyond. Our purpose is to be a resource that informs the public while edifying, encouraging, and equipping believers through biblical teaching and uplifting music that glorifies God.


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“These are not only the words of Jesus found in Matthew 19:26, but also it is Ohio’s official State Motto”

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"Dear Heartfelt Radio: We are very excited about Heartfelt Radio! We love the wide variety of music and I cannot tell you how many times someone in my family says, “Wow, I haven’t heard that one in a while”…When I listen to Heartfelt Radio, I know you get it…Thank you for meeting the needs of the whole church family."


"Just gotta tell you - I've listened off and on today (when I could) - and I LOVE the station! So good to have Mark Zimmerman back and a variety of music and programming. I'm praying that this station grows and grows and reaches MANY people for Christ, and helps current believers grow in their faith. What a blessing!! I will be supporting the station."


"So thankful to know you are broadcasting in our Dalton/Massillon area and I will share the good news."


“Thank you.  I am a recent widow.  Nights are long and I get up early.  The music is a balm to my soul.  God is using you.  I am sure others would say the same”.

"So thankful for my school bus driving co-worker that let me know about your step of faith in this endeavor.  My wife and I are truly blessed by your station. "


"Just found your station this AM per Facebook post from a friend! What a treat to listen already this morning! Praising God for your ministry, praying how we can support HEARTFELT RADIO."


"I recently found your radio station by an advertisement on a billboard. It is great to hear some old voices! I appreciate your mix in praise! Some praise by song and some by sermon. Also enjoy your mix in the songs. Some old some new and a variety of styles! Thanks!"


Wondering About God?

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There is an answer to your search…

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