Christmas and New Year’s Special Programs

People will think about God at Christmastime more than at any other time of the year. The Christmas season provides a tremendous opportunity for all of us to invite people to listen to Heartfelt Radio as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Look to Heartfelt Radio for a wide range of Christmas music and special programs this season that will appeal to young and old, churched and unchurched alike!


A Christmas Carol

Radio Theatre | Focus on the Family

Sat. 12/18 – 2:01pm; Fri. 12/24 – 4:01pm & Sat 12/25 3:01pm

Charles Dickens was just 12 years old when he saw firsthand the devastating effects of child labor.  He never forgot those images.  In 1843 he wrote a pamphlet titled: “An Appeal to the People of England, on Behalf of the Poor Man’s Child.”  It became the story of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”  This two-hour special from Focus on the Family brings to life the story of miserly Scrooge who in one momentous night is confronted by his own lack of compassion—and given the opportunity to change not only his life, but also, others too!  It’s a message that defines the spirit of the season regarding Christ’s birth and His loving compassion for mankind!

A Parkside Christmas

Alistair Begg | Parkside Church

Sun. 12/29 – 5:05pm; Fri. 12/24 – 11:05pm & Sat. 12/25 – 6:05pm

Alistair is joined by musical guests Laura Story, Fernando Ortega, Brenton Brown, and Michael O’Brien in this one-hour concert from Parkside Church in Cleveland.

Carter Conlin

Christmas…Your Light in the Darkness

Carter Conlin | Times Square Church

Mon. 12/20 – 7:05pm; Fri. 12/24 – 9:05am & Sat. 12/25 – 12:30pm

This Christmas, let the light of Christ come into your heart and give you courage to live in a world that at times can feel dark.  This is a message of hope and light in a time of darkness.  Remember this holiday season that nothing is ordinary if Christ is in it.  Every promise He made will be fulfilled.  It all started two-thousand years ago with the birth of a Child.

Charles Morris

The Son of David

Charles Morris | Haven Ministries

Sat 12/18 – 12:05pm; Sun. 12/19 – 7:05pm & Sat. – 12/25 – 2:05pm

Looking at the Gospel of Luke as well as the prophets of old, Charles Morris will seek to answer the question, “Why is Jesus the Son of David?”  The stunning answer shows us that Christmas isn’t just something that happened unexpectedly— it was planned by God, foretold in the Old Testament, and fulfilled by Jesus.

Dave Zannoti

Christmas in America 2000

Dave Zanotti | American Policy Roundtable

Tues 12/21 – Fri 12/24 – 12:30pm

Every year, the priority of The Public Square® Media Network is to “Start with Christmas.” It’s the journey to discover the manger in a given year of our shared history. This year’s edition looks back to the year 2000. Featuring music performed by Nashville’s best, as well as beautiful Christmas classics, this year’s episode will be an exciting addition to the annual radio/variety show tradition. Christmas in America 2000 was recorded before a live studio audience at the Factory in Liberty Hall, Franklin Tennessee.

Andy Napier

The Gift of The Gospel

Andy Napier | Trans World Radio

Tue. 12/21 – 9:05am; Thu. 12/23 – 2:05pm & Sat. 12/25 9:05pm

When you’re gathered around the family Christmas dinner and a non-believing family member asks a question about Jesus, you realize this is an opportunity like no other! In sports terminology, “the Lord is lobbing a softball across the plate” for you to share your faith.  Will your swing be a homerun?  Will it be a half-hearted swing?  Or will you watch the ball go completely by and say nothing, missing the opportunity?  TWR’s Andy Napier, producer of the two-minute radio short feature Footsteps, has interviewed some of the most powerful names in Christian ministry, asking them about how they share their faith.  Andy has compiled these interviews into a 25-minute Christmas special to give you the tools and encouragement you need to share your own personal faith with your family and friends this Christmas season.

Voices of Christmas

Radio Theatre from Love Worth Finding 

Weekdays from 12/14 – 12/23 – 6:50am & 4:40pm

Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers has produced a biblically based radio theater for the Christmas story.  Voices of Christmas introduces the Scriptural characters most people will recognize as having played a role in the unfolding of the birth of our Lord and Savior. The dramatizations are four to five minutes a piece and are augmented with music and sound effects for a captivating presentation. The episodes are “imagined” as opposed to being taken directly from Scripture. Still, Love Worth Finding has been careful to adhere to biblical truth in the storytelling.

New Year’s

Carter Conlin

2022:  Crisis or Confidence?

Carter Conlon | Times Square Church

Thu. 12/30 – 9:05am; Thu. 12/30 9:05pm & Sat. 1/1 5:05pm

A study from Pastor Carter Conlin that puts us face-to-face with how we will approach 2022.  Will we try and solve our own crisis, or will we turn back to God and receive the rest and confidence that can only be found in Him? 

Max & Denalyn Lucado

This is Your Moment

Fri. 12/31 – 9:05am; Fri. 12/31 – 9:05pm & Sat. 1/1 – 12:05pm

Max Lucado | Special guests: Natalie Grant, the Tony Evans Family & Denalyn Lucado

Has 2020 and 2021 left you weary from your challenges, wounded by your battles, or worried your world is spinning out of control?  The question is not, “Will God prevail?”  The question is, “Will you be part of the team?”  Join Max Lucado as he shares encouragement from the book of Esther and interviews family and friends.