Your Giving This Summer Will Continue To Bring Blessings!

Listeners reach out to us every week who are finding solid Bible teaching, encouragement, and uplifting music through Heartfelt Radio.  One of them is Steve, a truck driver who recently contacted us to say he first heard Heartfelt Radio while sitting in a barber shop where the owner keeps WKJA on all day. 

Since then, he’s continued listening to the station while driving his truck around our coverage area.  He enjoys Mornings with Mark & Gabe and is blessed by the ministry programs he hears throughout the day.  Steve says, “Keep doing what you are doing!  I am grateful for Heartfelt Radio”!

It takes money to keep any radio station going and WKJA is no different.  We depend upon God, and listeners like you, to provide the funds necessary to meet the financial needs of the station. 

You can help bless listeners like Steve who are growing in the Lord by giving to Heartfelt Radio.  Your donation this Summer will really mean a lot to him and many other listeners of WKJA!  Click the DONATE NOW button to make a one-time gift or to set up reoccurring giving.