Resurrection Season Special Programs

Voices of Easter: Weekdays 4/5 – 4/15/22- 6:50am & 4:50pm

Listen for the Voices of Easter from Love Worth Finding on Heartfelt Radio.  Nine characters will present monologues describing their experiences the week Jesus died and rose again. These four-to-five-minute radio theatre vignettes are designed to help you engage with the resurrection story. Each segment is a monologue from a biblical character that played a role during Passion Week.  Hear the stories of Mary of Bethany, Caiaphas, The Apostle Peter, Pilate, The Roman Centurion, A shepherd, the mother of Jesus, The Apostle Thomas, and The Apostle John.

Focus on the Family
Easter Classic  |  Sat Apr 16 – 3pm (2 hours)

The Bible is exciting!  That’s just one of the takeaways children (and parents!) will learn when they hear a special Easter presentation from Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey

Carter Conlon 
To Be Risen With Christ  |  Sun Apr 17 – 8:30am & 3:30pm

What does it mean to be risen with Christ?  How does God manifest His glory through my life?  Surprisingly, the answer has to do with a gardener, a traveler, and a cook.  God’s plan is to make Himself known through our lives in a way that only He can … and it will make you shout for joy!