Heartfelt Radio Program Guides

Heartfelt Radio has a wide array of Christian programming.  We air some of the best-know Bible teachers in America who take you deep into God’s Word along with short features designed to give you nuggets of truth and encouragement.  The radio dramas available on WKJA are a perfect way for young and old listeners alike to enjoy the “theatre of the mind” while being challenged and inspired.  To help you stay in tune with all of our programming, Heartfelt Radio offers you two different program schedules. 

Click here to download and/or print our colorful full-week program guide.  It fits nicely onto one page so you can keep it handy near your radio, on your refrigerator or as an icon on your computer desktop.  The other version of our program guide allows you to click on links that will take you to our programmer’s websites.  Click here for our Weekday, Saturday and Sunday program guides.