Become A Heartfelt Radio Day Sponsor

So there’s someone special in your life that you would like to honor and would like to do so in a unique and memorable way.  Well, we’ve got a really cool idea for you to do it by becoming a Heartfelt Radio Day Sponsor!  It’s easy, fun and will make an impression! 

Here’s how it works.  Let’s say one of your loved ones has a birthday coming up.  Contact Heartfelt radio and say you want to sponsor a day of broadcasting on that person’s birthday.  We’ll help you write an announcement in honor of that person which will air on WKJA and over our live stream throughout the day you select to sponsor. 

Imagine their delight when they hear the tribute message you’ve taken the time to create!  Your family and friends will enjoy hearing it too!  Now there’s a unique gift idea! 

For a one-time gift of $500.00 to Heartfelt Radio, the announcement will air nine times on the day you select.  The announcement would air four times on Heartfelt Radio when you sponsor a half day of broadcasting with a donation of $250.00. 

Listeners have become both full day and half day sponsors to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, memorials and other milestones.  Think of the possibilities! 

Contact Heartfelt Radio for all the details.  330/848-9090 or via email at Some restrictions apply.