Jen Epperson



Dr. Jennifer Hayden Epperson is pleased to be part of the Heartfelt Radio team! Having served in Christian radio for over three decades in multiple capacities, she has the distinction of being the first female station manager at two radio networks. Most recently, she was Moody Radio’s Director of Research & Learning in Chicago, IL, and prior to her tenure at Moody, was the executive producer and host of TWR’s global radio program Women of Hope. Jennifer has also taught courses in radio and leadership on both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the U.S. and overseas. Currently, she is Christian Healthcare Ministries’ Director of Research, a member of the National Religious Broadcasters’ Board of Directors, and the Chairperson of the NRB Radio committee. Jennifer is married to Heartfelt Radio’s Chief Engineer, Jack Epperson. Jennifer enjoys playing the flute, speaking French, and will be releasing her first book this coming Fall, 2020.


Part-Time Radio Host